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We all love to wear a shirt with a cool, embroidered logo.  Or carry a tote bag with our favorite brand embroidered.  Or a beach towel, hat, lunch bag, golf towel (you see where I am going with this – there are too many items to list).  Embroidery raises the “perceived value” of whatever it is.  It’s always more expensive, initially, because your logo has to be digitized (this tells the sewing machine or embroidery head how to stitch the design, what colors to use, etc.).  Once your logo is digitized, you can use it over and over again on just about anything that can be embroidered.  If it can be “hooped”, it can be embroidered.  Think back to your Mom or Grandma’s needlepoint – they had that “hoop” around the design in the area they were working.  This is roughly the same.

There is a run charge associated with embroidery and it is based on the quantity you will embroider and the number of stitches involved in the design.  The higher the quantity, the lower the price.

We can embroider on your merchandise or ours and if we supply the merchandise, the items are “insured” in case of a damage while in the embroidery process.

All new designs will receive a “swatch proof” – a sewn piece of fabric with your design embroidered, for your approval prior to production.

If you have a digitized design already, we can use that.  You can just email the file to us.  We can make minor (or major) edits to any design.

Next up:  Using other than thread in your embroidery designs.


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2 responses to “Embroidery

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  1. Nice “Embroidery 101” !

  2. Interesting! Looking forward to the next one – “embroider other than thread”.

    Linda Coppolino

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