Using “other than thread” in Embroidery Designs   Leave a comment

If you have a large design that covers a large area, in many cases, it will not look as good as it could, using just embroidery thread.  Many larger decorators can accommodate 9 thread colors easily and more are possible, but the design will cost more.  Also, logos and designs look best on paper in full color and will look quite a bit different created in embroidery.

Consider using different textured material in the larger coverage areas.  For example – if your design has a sky in it, consider a blue satin fabric that would be sewn into the design.  If your design has an actual product in it, consider replicating that product with fabric and stitches.  We offer these designs services so you can choose what you want.  We have a few, bold designs that were created in this fashion.  Comment or message us if you want a photo of one.

Large design embroidery is an investment.  Spend your money wisely.


Posted July 15, 2011 by daybreakmarketing in Embroidery

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