Promotional Products – Just Pens & Mugs?   Leave a comment

The old staples are pens and mugs and continue to remain as front runners in the promotional products industry. BIC remains my choice for writing instruments from a pencil to an executive-style pen.  They have lightening-fast production, excellent value and IF there ever is an issue, you can bet they will make good on it.  That’s not to say there aren’t equally as good manufacturers, and I represent them as well.  I’ve been leaving my imprinted pens all over town – you never know who will pick it up and call you!  I just printed the results of a study on how many people actually see your imprint on one pen (message me or comment if you are interested in reading it or receiving our monthly newsletter).

Ceramic mugs continue to be a sought-after product and why not — with so many other uses than just coffee!  I use two on my desk as a pen/pencil/scissor/marker holder.  Something to be mindful of is the cost of shipping – it could run as much as the mug cost each  (there is special packaging to ensure against breakage in shipping and handling, since the contents are breakable). What do you use yours for?  Do you remember whose logo is on it? Use these as new client gifts, filled with other promotional products or candy or give to an organization for their gift auction.  A small gesture goes a long way when you are thanking someone.

Thank someone today and you’ll be starting a promotional products campaign that “remains to be seen”!







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