T-Shirts – Just Another Premium?   Leave a comment

Is it a uniform?  Is it a premium?  Is it just another part of your wardrobe?  Actually, it is all three.  Imprinted t-shirts are a very versatile promotional product with long-lasting capabilities.  There are many methods – silkscreen, sublimation, and iron-on transfers, among them.

Tips to consider:

  • White is the least expensive (shirt) color to order.
  • Youth tees are usually the same price but not in all cases (just because they use less fabric you would think that to be true).
  • With silkscreening:  Pricing is based upon quantity and number of imprint colors.  Sublimation and Transfer:  the size of the design and quantity.
  • With silkscreening, there is a minimum order of 12 pieces.  With sublimation and transfer, there is no minimum quantity.
  • There is a screen charge with silkscreening – there is no set-up or screen charge with sublimation or transfers.
  • Since the price is based upon quantity and number of colors, you’ll want to make sure your design fits on all sizes so that the same screen/transfer can be used.  Keep in mind that the design will not look the same on a youth medium as it will on an adult extra large.

T-shirts are widely used as part of a work uniform in many industries.  They identify the worker as an employee of the company, while promoting the company at the same time.  If you use them as part of a uniform, be sure to change the design of the t-shirts that you will use as premiums.

Get creative with the design – people like to wear cool designs and messages.  Try a tie-dyed shirt or “burn out” style.  Consider imprinting in a non-traditional location (right under neckline in the front or back or the bottom hemline).  Consider using the color of the shirt IN the design instead of adding another imprint color.

Don’t forget the kiddies when ordering (infant and toddler sizes available).





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