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So many choices and I will cover some here:

Style:  Beach, Bath, Hand, Kitchen, Sports (Golf, Spirit), Wrap-Around

Size:  Hand to Beach and everything in between

Fabric: Paper, Terry, Velour, Microfiber, Cotton & Polyester

Finish & Options:  Fringe, Hemmed, Woven, Scrubber, Hook & Grommet, Carabiner

Imprint Method:  Embroidery, Silkscreened

Consider weight per dozen when ordering (of course, common sense tells us the heavier the dozen weighs, they heavier each towel – fabric will be).

Perceived value of embroidery is usually higher but think about how the towels will be used.  Golf, Beach and Hand towels are to “dry”.  Embroidery is not conducive to this and will be scratchy on the surfaces that need to be dried.  Try a small corner if this is the method you choose.  Embroidery set-up fees are very expensive for large areas (see previous blog about embroidery costs and stitch counts).

Silkscreening on towels, especially beach towels, is done with water-based inks, unlike tee shirt printing, where the ink lays on top of the fabric, this actually absorbs into the towel and leaves a soft feel.  Silkscreening has a large imprint area but be prepared to pay hefty set-up fees, usually over $100.00 per order.

Consider paper, linen-like hand towels for your next affair!  Not that expensive and adds pizzazz!  Weddings, Bah/Bat Mitzvah’s, Company Meetings & Picnics, Awards Dinners are just a few suggestions.

With proper care, even promotional grade towels will last a long time and therefore, your message as well.




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